Westamp Servo Amplifier Tuning procedure


Mills using Westamp Servo Amplifiers.
When plugging the J1 Connector onto the Westamp Board, ensure Pin J1 Connector plugs into Pin 1 on J1 Connector of the new board. The J2 Connector is not used. Also note that Pins 13,14,15 are not used on the J1 Connector.

Tool Requirements:
        a. Voltmeter
        b. Small Screwdriver

1. On Servo Control Board, Connectors J2 (X), J3 (Y), and J4 (Z), Connect meter to Pins 8 and 9 for axis to be adjusted.

2. Power Servos Up, adjust SIG to achieve .9 vdc - B Series (.000"), .65 vdc - BX Series (.0000") of DAC at 25 IMP in either direction. If an imbalance of voltage occurs, adjust BAL to get both directional voltages within .050 vdc of each other.

3. Turn TC CW until motor oscillates, then CCW until motor stops, then an additional 4 turns CCW.

4. Now zero axis and fine tune BAL pot to achieve CRT readings of .0000.

Caution: Use Adjustments below only after performing above procedure and not achieving the desired results.

Adjust Pots :
AUX                    20 turns CCW
SIG                      20 turns CW then 10 turns CCW
TAC/TACH        20 turns CW
CMP/COMP      20 turns CW then 10 turns CCW
CL/CLM             20 turns CW
BAL                    20 turns CW then 10 turns CCW

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